"...Fresh, genuine and undeniably real. Despite its tenderness, it is a hard-nosed documentary that will stay with you."                        Daily Hampshire Gazette, Northampton, MA


An intimate saga of one woman’s heroic battle with cancer

and her search for meaning and healing as she confronts her dying.

Are we always walking two roads, the living road and the dying road?


Can we surrender to the inevitability of death and yet still fight to live?


Can we heal as we die?

•  Am I going to die?


•  How have I prepared for death?


•  Does dying mean failure?


•  What can ease the suffering?


•  How have I dealt with my unfinished business?


•  Can I hold both hope and acceptance in my dying?


•  How would I like to die?


•  Can I find meaning and peace in my dying?


•  How can friends and family participate in my dying?


•  What is after death?


Because the subject of death and dying from any cause elicits fear in our culture, it often remains undiscussed. Walking at the Edge brings this subject into the light and inspires honest and profound reflection. This film:


1) explores the possibility of facing life threatening disease with a balance of fight and embrace;


2) addresses critical questions faced by those who are confronting possible disfigurement and death;


3) un-demonizes death, showing that it is a healthy and normal event in life’s full spectrum;


4) distinguishes between "healing" and "surviving the disease;"


5) provides one roadmap for navigating through the fearsome and challenging concerns as life comes to its end;


6) honors and validates the difficult struggle of one facing the end of life.


This is the true story of Joan, a vivacious athletic 36 year old woman who must suddenly deal with a malignant tumor in her breast. When therapies fail, she confronts the possibility of dying. We follow her through her treatment efforts as she deals with her failing health. In each stage, her reverence for the profoundly ephemeral nature of our lives and the power of her community deepens. With extraordinary courage, wisdom and humor, she transcends the notion of "defeat" and celebrates life and death with her friends.



•  Anyone interested in examining their relationship with death and dying.


•  Persons with life threatening illnesses, their friends and families.


•  Healthcare professionals working in hospice care, end of life issues, palliative care, ICUs, etc


•  Nurses, doctors, therapists, pastoral and other counselors and other health care professionals


•  Students in nursing, medicine, counselling, end of life issues and other students in the healing arts


•  High school and college classes in sociology, psychology, philosophy, religion, end of life issues, etc (suitable for mature students grades 7 and above)


• Anyone who will face death sometime in their life.